Food menu

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    PATATAS BRAVAS – v/gf $10

    Potatoes baked in a Tomato, Chili Puree.

  • patatas al horno

    PATATAS AL HORNO – v/gf $9

    As is, with Rosemary & Olive Oil.

  • Patatas Crema

    PATATAS CREMA – v/gf $10

    Baked Potatoes, Garlic, Cream, Parmesan.

  • Empanadas Con Negro

    empanadas con negro $10

    Chocolate filled. Served with cream & strawberry compote.

  • Bolas De Cous Cous

    BOLAS DE COUS COUS – v $10

    Cous Cous mixed with roasted vegetables, parmesan & spices. Crumbed and served with yoghurt & cucumber salsa



    Sliced mushrooms, Garlic, White wine, Olive Oil & Parsley.

  • Pimientos Asados

    PIMiENTOS ASADOS – v/gf $7

    Roasted Capsicum, Garlic, Shallots & Olive Oil.

  • Queso Frito

    QUESO FRITO – v $12

    Quenelles of Ricotta and Parmesan Cheeses fried till crispyon the outside but soft on the inside. Served with a Tomato & Basil Salsa.

  • Tortilla Espanola


    Old Skool’ - Potato and Onion Omellete. Served with a side of aioli.

  • Unknown


    Marinated Olives done the Mojo’s way.

  • Queso A La Plancha

    queso a la plancha – v/gf $11

    Fried Slices of Halumi Cheese served with lemon.‘Squeeze it on and eat it fast!’

  • Alcachofas A La Plancha


    Chargrilled Marinated Artichokes served with lemon.

  • Burrito

    burrito – V $11

    Mexican style slow cooked beans and spices, capsicum, rice,onions, garlic, cheese and rugula wrapped in corn bread.

  • Berenjena Con Queso

    berenjena con queso – V $10

    Sliced Eggplant and Manchego Cheese sandwich.


    crema champinones – v/gf $10

    Creamy Garlic Whole Mushrooms

  • Manchego

    manchego – v/gf $8

    Straight from Espana. Served with a fruity Olive Oil.


    pinchos de pollo – gf $12

    Marinated chicken thigh pieces. Sliced, Skewered and & Char Grilled. Served with a side of Honey Mustard.

  • Albondigas Al Ajillo

    albondigas al ajillo $12

    Slow Roasted Garlic Meatballs cooked in tomato puree.


    chorizo a la plancha $10

    Chargrilled Spanish Sausage served with lemon.

  • Pollo De Filipinas

    pollo de Filipinas $11

    Slow cooked tender chicken wings cooked in a specialblend of garlic, bay, malt vinegar (not GF) and soy.

  • Setas Rellinas

    setas rellenas $13

    Mushroom Caps stuffed with mushroom duxelle, ground pork, parmesan cheese and grilled til golden.

  • LOMO

    LOMO – gf $14

    Chargrilled Top Sirloin sliced to share. Served with a side of caramelized onion & salsa con Mojos.

  • Jerk Chicken and Rice

    jerk chicken & coconut rice – gf $15

    Taken from an ól skool’ Carribean recipe, but with the mojo twist.

  • Chuletas De Cordero

    chuletas de cordero $16

    Chargrilled Marinated Lamb Cutlets served with a side of onion rings & Salsa De Tomate.

  • Empanada De Carne

    empanada de carne $11

    Pastry Parcels stuffed with meat. Fried Crispy and served with a side of our very own tomato sauce.

  • Gambas Picantes

    gambas picantes – gf $14

    Prawns cooked in a chili tomato reduction.

  • Gambas Al Ajillo

    gambas al ajillo – gf $14

    Prawns cooked in garlic, white wine, lemon & butter.

  • Calamares Fritos

    calamares fritos $13

    Baby Squid tossed in flour and spices. Fried til crispy. Served with a side of our special dipping sauce.

  • Croquetas De Atun

    croquetas de atun $12

    Tuna croquettes fried til crispy and served with a side of aioli.

  • Pulpitos A La Gallega

    pulpitos a la gallega – gf $13

    Chargrilled marinated baby octopus topped with a chilli, balsamic & tomato reduction.

  • Pescadito Frito

    pescadito frito $9

    Fresh Whitebait tossed in flour, fried til crispy and served with lemon.

  • Sardinas A La Plancha

    sardinas a la plancha – gf $13

    Chargrilled whole sardines stuffed with thyme & fennel.

  • Atun Cortezudo

    Atun Cortezudo – GF $14

    Sliced tuna steak with a sumac pinenut crust served with crispy onions and a sliced lemon.