About Us

Our Short History

Mojos has been in business for over 15 years. During those years, Mojos has continued to satisfy thousands of customers – and we’re still counting.

We are a proud Spanish Tapas restaurant and bar, intent on providing top quality in service and food. It’s our belief this is always a work in progress and that you should never rely on reputation alone.

Our primary aim is putting our customers first on the list. It is important we provide customers with an atmosphere in which they both relax (and still want to have a boisterous night)!

At the head of Mojos you’ll find our proud owner, Theresa Le, constantly immersed in conversation with customers. She is at her best with people, building on a reputation that sees her as more than the owner, but as a friendly, welcoming face to all customers both new and old.

There is never a dull moment when Theresa is around, making Mojos a place to come for some laughter and relief from everyday pressures.

Our continuing motto, “Good food takes a while, but great food just takes a little longer” has been the encompassing theme within the Mojos’ family.

We understand how imperative it is for our customers to receive their food, but we also kindly encourage that our customers should relax and enjoy the energetic and lively atmosphere that Mojo’s has to offer.

So come on in, meet our welcoming staff, receive some of the finest service in all of Bondi and enjoy our spectacular food.

Above all absorb Mojo’s freedom – a place to be yourself

Job Openings

would you like to join our team?

At Mojos we work hard to make sure our customers not only get quality food at a great price but are able to enjoy themselves in a relaxed atmosphere.

We are proud of our team and the work they do and are always interested to hear from anyone , either experienced or not, who is looking to come on board.

If you are interested in joining our fun team, either in the kitchen cooking up our wonderful food or front of house looking after a great mix of friendly customers please call Theresa on 02 9130 1322 and organise a time to pop in and say hello.